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They met at a CVS……

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You don’t hear that very often. Okay,it’s not something that you ever hear, but someday it will make for an interesting story to tell the kids. I had a great time yesterday shooting Jennifer and Joel. She’s a lawyer here in D.C and he’s a student who really knows how to make her laugh. I know that every photographer thinks he has the greatest clients but these two were really great. I really hope that I get an opportunity to shoot them again in the near future….. Hint hint hint!

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A great day for football

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It was certainly that, a great day for football. Given the opportunity to shoot these days, I shoot whatever I can. On this day, I was supposed to be taking care of some stuff around the house but decided that I wanted to get out and shoot for an hour or two. Typically when I want to go shoot, and I don’t have a subject in mind, I will peruse the newspapers to see what interesting event is going on around the city. The best thing about living near a city like D.C. is that there is alway something interesting happening. There were a lot of options on this past Saturday, but I was, strangely enough, drawn to a high school football game. I know that to the average person reading this that there is nothing special about a high school football game. What made this event special to me was the fact that it was the football district championship football game from two perennial lacrosse powers. I know, I know, anything to bring lacrosse back into the mix……… Well what do you expect from me?

It turned out to be a beautiful fall day, partly cloudy, great for photography, and in the 70’s. I was able to take my sweatshirt off as soon as I got there. I was able to get some great shots. There is nothing like shooting just for myself. It quickly reminds me of why I love photography

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did taking them.













Tashana and Glascow wedding

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I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding a couple of weeks back of Glascow and Tashana. There were a great couple with an amazing group of friends. I apologize for how long its taken me to post some photos on the blog. As you will see, I’ve been transitioning my blog to a new template and eventually, it will have a new address. In the mean time. I hope you enjoy the photos








Las Vegas 2008 – Part 2

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I wanted to post some of the other pictures that I took while in Vegas. It is not a great collection. Most of my time was spent hanging out with the guys in a casino but I did get out one day to snap some shots.

Vegas 2008

Luxor Hotel and Casino

Monument at the Luxor





We did get a chance to see Ralphie May do a Comedy Set.  He was absolutely hilarious.  He sat down and played some blackjack with us after the show.

The guys with Ralphie May


Eiffel Tower Vegas Style

Las Vegas Strip at Night

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino


Hope you enjoyed the Photographs!

Vegas 2008 – Bridges Style Part 1

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I know you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and the answer is VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry that I have not been posting but I really didn’t have the time while I was in the Silver State. There was so much to do and definitely so little time. I was lucky enough to be invited to a “Guys Weekend” that doubled as a bachelor’s party for a friend named Jeff Bridges. Vegas 2008

It was had to know what kind of weekend it would be considering that we are, for the most part, past our prime. But even by my tame standards it really rocked and was by far the most fun I’ve had in Vegas on my many trips.

When I got off the plane, I snapped a few photos to give my bags a few minutes to make if from the plane to Baggage Claims. I never understand why people rush to get to baggage claim when it will be at least 15 to 20 minutes for your bags to get there. So I snapped some airport casino photos

Vegas 2008
For those of you who have never had the pleasure of flying into McCarran Airport in Las Vegas Nevada, you ain’t missin nuthin! It was a mess getting around the airport as usual and the taxi line was ……… lets just say outrageous.

I don’t have a lot of photos that I can post here but lets just say that a good time was had by all who went and I believe that most people came back east with more money than they went out west with and that’s saying a lot for a Vegas Trip. 

You can’t get a group of guys together and not expect to play a little golf.  Jeff got us a great deal at a good course just south of Las Vegas called The Reserve.  It’s an excellent golf club that I would recommend for anyone. 

Vegas 2008

Vegas 2008

Vegas 2008

My partners in the round were Tom Kelly (TKStack Money)
Vegas 2008

and Rob the Golf Ringer (should probably be on the junior circut)
Vegas 2008
We were tied for the lead until we blew it on a 5 foot putt on the last hole, but we had fun!
It was a good round where everyone had a lot of fun which we had plenty of time to recap as the shuttle that was supposed to take us back to the hotel got lost!

Vegas 2008

Vegas 2008

Well at least the cart girl was cute!
Golf Cart girl

Hope you enjoy the photos

The start of something good.

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Here is a quick sneak peek at some of the photos I have been working on from an engagement session this past weekend. Charisse and Sterling were an amazing couple. I will tell a little more of their story and some info about the location in a later blog. I just wanted to throw up a few photos to show what I’ve been working on.

Peace and Love

Charisse and Sterling - 2


Charisse and Sterling - 4

Beauty in Fredericksburg

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Got an opportunity to tag along with Marta at a wedding last Saturday, and it was another great experience. You can read her blog about it here . I’m really starting to enjoy photographing weddings. I think that when I started I was just in love with taking photos but now I am really getting into it. I guess having back to back weddings the last two Saturdays and another coming up soon has put me into the “wedding spirit”! My little 5 day stint in Vegas at the end of the month will come as a welcome respite from a long, long August of photography. I may consider not taking my camera.

This was one of the smallest weddings I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. A small affair at a beautiful old church in downtown Fredericksburg. It was one of those cute old churches with wooden pews. One drawback was the little doors that stopped me from moving freely from row to row in the church. Note to self, a little tape to hold the door open might be a good accessory. The ceremony was followed by some formals in the church then a bridal session on the grounds outside of the church then it was off to the reception at the Frederickburg Square. Small weddings are great but I will say that there seemed to be a dramatic shortage of men on the dance floor. The DJ seemed a little miffed, but all in all it was a nice and quaint celebration of two people who where obviously in love.

You know I usually frown when someone says a woman has “classic lines” or is a “classic beauty” but the phrase really seemed to fit this bride.


When I met the groom he had a grin ear to ear as if he really got one over on the rest of the world and when his bride walked into the church, I was moving over to his side of the fence.


I don’t know if I shot enough. My 600+ photos were easily dwarfed by Marta filling up 8GB cards, but it was a great opportunity to pick Marta’s brain a bit about how she approaches weddings.

A couple of things you guys should know if you haven’t been able to shoot with Marta or have not been following Marta’s blog…..

1. She’s a workaholic. (she may deny it but the proof is there)

2. She’s crazy talented

3. She’s nicer than you imagine.

I had a great time and I thought that it came through in some of my photos.





The smile on her face was unrequested and spoke volumes about how she felt about her husband


It was late and we were preparing to leave and I looked up and saw the bride with her two sisters talking and just as I picked up my lens and changed some settings…….. she looked at her ring. GOTCHA!

No light in this portion of the room at this time of night and I was too far away for my flash to be effective. Thank God for Noise Ninja. Not a perfect shot but one that tells a story!


Of course I have to ask the age old question……. Why is there always a cute flower girl to steal the show!!!!


a final couple of photos of the lucky lady



and one of the lucky guy!


Lines..Lines..Lines.. yeah!

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Lines..Lines..Lines.. yeah!, originally uploaded by hennessey|g.

Sorry for the the Thompson Twins moment there. and those readers out there whom aren’t old enough to remember the 80’s phenomenon that was the trio called the Thompson Twins….. well lets just say, “you missed out!”

Toni, sent me an e-mail requesting that I post some of the pictures of my recent trip to New York. The problem is that the trip wasn’t all that recent. The issue with carrying your camera with you every where you go these days and on top of that photographing models and weddings is that you run out of time to post and blog. But the blog is assisting you with driving the business of taking pictures. It’s a serious catch 22. To Toni and all my other friends, I will endeavor to get better.

Here are the best of the best from my trip to Brooklyn. I have others of the city and I may post them later but this was the first time I had an opportunity to shoot one of the most photographed bridges in the world.

Manhattan Bridge and Empire State Building

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge DOF

Brooklyn Bridge - Black and White

This last picture is from a subway station. I saw the dangling “wet paint” sign and thougt it was interesting against it’s blank background but when a speeding subway train went by ( the red and white lines on the right) I had to take a photo!

Wet Paint in Motion

Livia and Nick

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One of the local photography groups that I have blogged about in the past is the DC/MD/VA Strobist group. It is an interesting collection of novice and professional photographers who like to get together and take photographs focusing mainly on using off-camera flash kits. I’ve been getting to know them over the course of the last 8 or 9 months and it’s been an enriching experience so far.
This particular meet-up was at a local Coast Guard Base. One of the photographers is attached to the base so it was a good opportunity to drag the members, out of the comfy confines of the District of Columbia, way out to Alexandria, VA. We were going to have a little cookout, do a little shooting, have a little fun, and just enjoy spending some time with other people who like to walk around with a camera attached to their face. I had invited Karen and specifically had the intention of NOT shooting. I had taken quite a few photographs in the weeks leading up to the meet-up and wanted a weekend day off. I even invited Karen to entice me into relaxing for the day.
Needless to say, from the photographs above, I took some photos. Sarah and Sean Baker of Twice Baked Photograhy had lined up a lot of models to come by during the cookout and much shooting was there to be done. I hope you enjoy the photos.





Model - David Quarles

Model - David Quarles